solar water heater


Thermosyphon water heaters are one of the types which function on passive heat transfer based on natural convection which eliminates the necessity of mechanical pumping of fluid circulation.

Solar radiations are captured by the solar collector from where heat can be exchanged into water directly or indirectly. Either water flows through the collector or indirectly by the anti-freezing agent which carries the heat from the collector and transfers into the water being heated through a heat exchanger. The hot water thus generated is ready for service from the storage tank.

Numerous kinds of thermosyphon solar water heaters are available like direct, indirect, pressurized, and non-pressurized as per the usage and area of application. It must be carefully selected to have greater efficiency and veracity as solar water heater . Commonly available with a single frame where storage tanks and collectors are mounted. These can also be installed separately depending on the condition where the tank should install always on a higher level without any bend on tapping pipelines.

Since solar water heater free from mechanical pumps and associated pipelines, it keeps the maintenance and running charges substantially to a low figure. We deliver 150L to 300L capacity. Large-scale requirements that can also be met by interconnecting small systems.

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