solar water tank chiller

Solar Cooling Systems

Solar Water Tank Chiller

Solar water chillers are designed to function both on electricity and solar energy to cool down water in domestic as well as industrial chilled water systems. As sunlight is the fuel used and it is free, it can be a cost-benefit alternative to generate cool water suitable for individual villas in any climate is the key specialty. You can monitor the performance and status of chillers on your mobile at any point in time as it is functioning fully as an automatic system.

solar cooler and chillar

Solar Cooling Systems

Shower Cooler for Apartments

Water gets overheated during the summer, and we used to store water in a bucket, allowing it to cool during the night to take a shower the next morning; 

Water stored in the overhead tank getting heated by the sunlight is a common phenomenon especially in the Middle-east region where the daytime temperature is drastically high. It needs to be stored in a bucket overnight for cooling down to the temperature suitable to bathe in the next morning. These hassles can be overcome by installing the best shower cooler in your apartment and overwhelming the cool shower every day irrespective of climate change.

Let us stop all these by installing a shower cooler and take a cool shower this summer, suitable for apartments.

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