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Solar PV

Kaltech Energy is highly competent in total solar engineering services that include design, installation, and technical support and offer the following expert services, locally and internationally.

Solar Energy Consulting

  • Site Examination & Comprehensive assessment
  • Structural Analysis
  • System Design includes conceptual site plans and Preliminary solar layouts.
  • PV & Electrical Specification Preparation

Permissions & Approvals

  • Authority Approvals such as DEWA (Electricity Board)
  • Engineering & Drawing Preparation

Project Management

  • Installation / Installation supervision


  • Verification of the complete system and T&C
  • Inspection & Approval from Authority (DEWA/ Utility Company)
  • On-grid integration

Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Solar energy production evaluation
  • Operation and Maintenance

Independent Engineering Services

  • Tender evaluations
  • Design and Performance evaluation of solar PV system
  • Construction / Installation Supervision
  • Field Quality Assurance Reporting

Solar Thermal Engineering & Solutions

  • Various Types of solar water heaters, including Thermosiphon, Forced circulation & Drain Back Systems.
  • Water Tank Chillers
  • Shower Coolers
  • Solar Floor Heating Solutions
  • Solar Pool Heating
  • Convert Existing Electrical Heaters into Solar
  • Solar PV-Thermal integrated solutions
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