How We Differ

How We Differ

We provide solutions because, we are experienced and have expertise.

Standing out as a distinguished solution provider among the crowd of solar energy solution providers is an objective that we have set for ourselves.

The purpose of our existence, our approach to executing our services and our extreme focus on customer care and after sales service are some of the important distinguishing factors.

We can continue to enlist a number of other factors from each and every aspect of the way we work which makes us different.

The experience and expertise our founders have in this field and the focus they have in making this a company with a difference are factors that enable and empower us to do this everywhere and every time.

Our expertise in the building services design and construction has enabled us to choose the most reliable solar components and integrate them well with the building’s architecture.

Our passion for energy independence is our main driving force.

We strive hard to improve our products and solar energy solutions by introducing new technologies and upgrading existing systems in order to offer the best and latest to our customers.

Continuously tweaking the technologies used and adopting newly available technology in our solar energy solutions in order to maximize solar energy taping/harvesting is something that we perform with maniacal focus.

For example, we use smart controllers instead of mechanical thermostat switches for Thermosiphon systems, which results in maximum utilization of solar energy.

Understanding the needs of our customers is of paramount importance to us. This helps us in designing and implementing relevant, reliable, efficient and performance guaranteed solar energy solutions which result in actual reduction in consumption of traditional energy sources.

Last but not the least, we are a group of engineering professionals with high ethical standards based on core human values. We genuinely believe in our driving force, which is our passion for energy independence.

We are in this together to make the earth a better place for all of us to live in.

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