About Us

Kaltech Energy was established in 2009 to provide reliable solar energy solutions to encourage you to save energy as well as to make you conventional energy independent. Our founders are Electrical Engineers with combined experience of more than 50 years in Building Services, Design & Construction with International Consultants and Contractors.  Our motto is to not only provide the said solutions, but also to educate you regarding the possibilities solar energy opens for us and help you select the solar energy solution appropriate to your needs.   
We follow local and international codes of practices and regulations to provide you with the best quality of products and services. We are in partnership with international and professional companies and do our best to keep updated about the latest technologies that involve solar energy. Contact us anytime.  Let’s go green, and save Mother Earth’s resources for our coming generations.


Our Vision

To become the most successful and respected solar energy solutions provider company in Asia.

Our Mission

To provide solar energy based solutions that support communities to save electricity/fuel and protect the planet.

What WE Do For


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