solar pumps_kaltech_energy

Pumps that works 100% on solar energy

  • No Electricity – saving of 100% on electricity
  • No Battery – No other investments
  • No Controllers – No failure of electronic components
  • Direct work with solar panel – Less maintenance
solar pumps

Submersible Pumps

 Two Models

  • 36VDC/300W/ Max Head 30m 3m3 /H
  • 48V/400W/Max head 50m, 3m3 /H

Surface mounted type Pumps

24VDC/370W 25m Head 2.2m3

  • Replace your existing electric pump by a solar pump
  • Save 100% electricity
  • Free water supply with the help of Sun
  • Let the sun work for you
  • No Electricity required
  • No battery required
  • No controller required.