40+ years of combined building services and solar energy expertise to provide you with solar energy solutions according to your needs.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company to assist commercial & industrial organizations in electricity and fuel saving solutions.

We provide services to hotels, hospitals and staff accommodations etc. to save electricity and gas that is used to produce hot water, with performance guaranteed solar energy solutions.

We also support industrial facilities such as food processing industries where steam is used for processing, using industrial solar energy solutions to save considerable amount of gas.

Explore our website to learn more about our company, services, and general technical information about solar energy systems.

What We Do

Solar energy is the most freely available. Our main aim is to encourage its use to help you save electricity, fuel, and money; in the most efficient and e...


We have defined and assigned set values to all our processes that include; sale process, site surveys, design, procurement, installation, and maintenance....

How We Differ

Whilst Kaltech Energy is just one of the many companies that provide similar services, various parameters make sure that we stand out from the others.

Customer Care

We always consider our customers as our own partners. We strongly believe that our bond with our customers constitute our backbone and our relationship is...