How We Differ

 Various factors make us different from others; the purpose of our existence, our approach to executing our services is another factor that makes different from others and to empower all these, the expertise and experience that our founders have holds also make a huge difference from others.

 The founders of Kaltech Energy are engineers with more than 50 years combined industry experience primarily in the middle east region with our line of business which empower us to offer the most reliable, efficient and project-specific solutions.

 Our expertise in the building services design and construction always empower us to choose the best reliable solar components and integrate that into Buildings or Industries. 

 We genuinely believe that it is our driving force that is our passion for energy independence.

 We always improve our products and Solar Energy Solutions by introducing new technologies or upgrade the existing systems to offer the best and latest to our customers.

 We always make sure to introduce latest technologies attached to our Solar Energy Solutions, resulting in maximum Solar Energy taping/harvesting; for example, we use smart controllers instead of mechanical thermostat switches for Thermosiphon Systems empowering maximum utilization of Solar Energy.

 We always understand our customers to the best of our capacity and offer appropriate reliable, efficient and performance guaranteed Solar Energy Solutions to save Electricity or Gas.

 We are a group of Engineering Professionals with high ethical beliefs based on core human values and genuinely believe in our driving force; that is our passion for energy independence and make the earth is a better place to live.