How We Differ

Whilst Kaltech Energy is just one of the many companies that provide similar services, various parameters make sure that we stand out from the others.

The most important difference is the qualification of our founders; who are engineers with more than 50 years combined industry experience specially in the middle east region with our line of business which enables us to provide the most reliable, efficient and project-specific solutions.

We have made sure to introduce latest technologies attached to our systems, resulting in maximum solar energy taping/harvesting. For example, we use smart controllers instead of mechanical thermostat switches for thermosiphon systems; this enables maximum utilization of solar energy.

We genuinely believe that it is our driving force that makes us primarily different than the others; our passion towards energy independence. We are a group of professionals with highly ethical beliefs based on core human values. Our approach is to reach our goal in a very structured manner to ensure you get the best out of our resources and services.