What We Do

Solar energy is the most freely available. Our main aim is to encourage its use to help you save electricity, fuel, and money; in the most efficient and economical way, without negotiating quality.


What We Do for Domestic Sector/Homes

WE provide solar water heaters for the domestic sector for their hot water requirements. We provide various types of Solar water heaters to suit the location and types of application such as non-pressurized, pressurized, direct, indirect active and drain back systems.  Kaltech Energy® Solar water heaters are compiled with British Standards and have approvals from Dubai Municipality (DCL) and Abu Dhabi QCC.  In addition to new solar water heaters, we also help customers to convert their existing electrical water heaters into solar water heaters without changing any existing pipes and infrastructure.


What We Do for Hotels & Hospitals

We design and Install solar water heaters to hotels and hospitals as per their requirements and project specifications.

In additional to the new solar water heaters, we convert their existing electrical or fuel-based water heaters into solar water heaters.



What We Do for Multi Tenant Residential Buildings

As every apartment in a multitenant residential building has individual water consumption meters, to provide them a solar water heating system is a challenge.

 However, we provide the right solutions to meet this challenge.

We provide solar water heating solutions to multi-tenant buildings without changing the existing facility or adding any new pipes.


What We Do for Industries

Kaltech Energy® Solar steam generators using concentric solar collectors are one of the latest technologies, meant for industries.

Our solar steam generators produce steam at various temperatures, pressure and flow rates as per industrial process requirements.

They are automatic with solar tracking so that maximum solar energy harvesting is possible. 

We also integrate solar concentric collectors to existing boilers, so that the system will generate steam from solar energy thereby drastically reducing fuel or electricity consumption.